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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Cat Cafe?

Cat cafes have two main components — a coffee shop/cafe on one side, and a cat lounge in the other! Cats are kept separate from any food service and prep areas. Customers can stay on the cafe side, or take their beverages and food over to the other room to hang out with the kitties.

Do I Bring My Own Cat to the Cat Cafe?

Although we would love to meet your kitties we will ask that you please leave them at home. We’ll have adoptable rescue kitties in the cat lounge for you to snuggle and play with!

Do I Need to Pay to Visit the Cats?

Yes, there will be an admission fee to visit the cat lounge. The admission fee will allow us to operate in service of finding homes for rescue cats. The fee covers a multitude of necessities, such as: rent, utilities, paying staff, and many other costs that ensure a sustainable business. 

Where Will the Cats Come From?

Mask & Mantle Cat Cafe has teamed up with two local rescue organizations! The Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders (GVAC), as well as The Victoria Cat Rescue Corps Society (VCRC). Both organizations are volunteer based non-profits that are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing animals who are unwanted, abandoned, abused, feral or facing euthanasia. We are all committed to finding these felines their furrrever homes!

How Do You Work With Your Rescue Partners?

Mask & Mantle Cat Cafe is a local small business that has partnered with GVAC and VCRC who will provide our rescue kitties. What this means is that the cat cafe provides the facility, labour costs of care for the cats, staff and supplies (toys, cat trees, beds, etc). Our rescue partners will provide food, litter, and, of course, the cats! We are committed to providing the cats with a comfortable and cozy home-like environment until they are adopted.

What Type of Cats Will Be in the Cat Lounge?

In order for a cat to be able to join the Mask & Mantle family it must first be spayed/neutered, microchipped/tattooed, up-to-date on vaccines, and be in overall good health. The rescue teams will perform behavioural analysis on the cats selected to ensure they will thrive in a social environment.

What if I’m looking to adopt a cat?

Once we find our purrrfect location all of the rescue cats at Mask & Mantle will be up for adoption! In the meantime, please contact one of our rescue partners:

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