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Our goal is to provide pet therapy while helping rescue cats find their furrever homes.

We aim to be Victoria's first cat themed cafe where folks can enjoy their coffee or tea in the company of adoptable rescue cats! We will be working with two of our local resuce organizations to provide a clean and stress free environment for their rescue kitties until we find them their permanent families!

Benefits of a cat cafe


The cats in the cat lounge will be able to roam free, relax, and play at their leisure. In this type of setting they're able to shine and show off their individual personalities. This kind of environment lends itself to increased adoption rates, and reduces the chances of a re-surrender. 

Pet Therapy

Many of us are unable to have a pet, but there is so much scientific evidence that supports pet therapy! Petting a purring kitty cuddled up next to you, or watching it hunt a toy mouse, is a great way to lower stress and improve your overall mood. 


A cat cafe is a modern and unique type of foster home for cats that would otherwise be in a shelter environment. Our goal is to provide as much exposure as possible to cats that would otherwise be very difficult to adopt.

About Our Rescue Partners

The Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders have been serving our community ever since 1973. They are a relatively small group of loyal and dedicated volunteers that are passionate about lessening the pain and suffering of unwanted companion animals. 

Victoria Cat Rescue Corps Society was founded in the late 1960's and has persisted for decades thanks to the commitment of their volunteers. VCRC strives to help stray, abandoned, and feral cats in the region with their TNR and spay/neuter blitz programs. 

Frequently Asked Questions,

>^.^< because cat cafes are still kinda new! >^.^<

When will you be open?

We are on the prowl for a purrfect location that will allow us to serve as many cats and customers as we can. Once we have a location we will have a much better idea of our timeline.

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Cats and food? How does that work?

The cat lounge will be a separate space from where food and beverages are being served. We will also be working closely with Island Health to ensure we are compliant with Food Safe regulations.

Do I bring my own cat to the cat cafe?

Don't worry, we'll provide the cats! Our kitty rescue partners will have lots of rescue cats for you to cuddle while you visit the cat cafe. Please leave your own kitty at home!

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